Thursday, November 15, 2018

Domestic Violence…A Very Complicated Topic.

No one would dispute that domestic violence is very serious and occurs everywhere in the U.S.  We in Northeast Ohio are faced with the reality of these charges every day.  There are, however, many situations where someone can be wrongly accused of domestic violence.  Many spouses will use false claims of physical and emotional abuse.

Some of the reasons are –

1.  Getting a significant other out of one’s life
2.  To win a child custody battle
3.  Gain possession of property
4.  To just get even when someone is told that the other party wants a divorce

Certainly, not all accusations of domestic violence are legitimate.  That is why Jon Sinn, a noted Akron area criminal defense attorney is there to help.  He has been defending Ohio residents of domestic violence charges for many years.  Sometimes, the only sin you may have committed is NOT calling Jon.  He is attorney Jon Sinn of Akron OH at (330) 431-0160.

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