Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When Cabin Fever Goes too Far.

We have been gathering together all Winter.  We had the holidays with “mandatory” parties to attend be it with family or not.  Winter in Northeast Ohio can and does test our patience.  Remember the good old days…two equally matched people would fight, shake hands, and go their separate ways.  Nowadays the police are getting involved more and more.

These incidences often occur between two or more people who are/were close friends and things just got out of hand.  Know this…if the cops are involved somebody is probably getting hauled off to jail.  When the “dust settles” you have a situation that demands a good assault defense lawyer right away.

Since these events have a way of generally occurring late into the night make sure that you are calling someone you can reach quickly.  That person is Akron, Ohio assault and battery defense attorney Jon Sinn.  It is no sin to lose your temper, but it is a sin not to call John to help you or a loved one out of a tough situation.  Call or TEXT attorney Jon Sinn at (303) 431-0160

Thursday, February 2, 2017

What is Judicial Release in Ohio?

It may seem obvious, but its consequences are far-reaching for the family of the incarcerated. 
Release from prison is granted by a judge who sentences convicted criminals.  If a judge wishes to do so he or she may grant judicial release or “shock probation” as it used to be known.  The offender may be placed in a furlough program.

Each individual is left up to the sentencing judge.  There are many extenuating factors to be considered.  Not the least of which is the behavior of the person while they were incarcerated.  You also must factor in the attitude and the history of the particular judge that you are dealing with in this very delicate matter.

All of which leads us to understand that you need a top attorney to plea your loved one’s case.  That is when you pick up the phone and call Ohio judicial release attorney Jon Sinn.  He has had decades of experience arguing this matter before Northeast Ohio judges.  The only sin is not calling today for a free consultation with Jon Sinn at (330) 431-0160.