Thursday, June 15, 2017

An Attorney Who Really Knows Both Sides.

If you could hire an attorney to defend you or a loved one against a drug charge, let me ask you a question.  Would you like one who only knows the defense side of the equation, or one who is familiar with BOTH sides of the aisle?  In other words, a lawyer who spent years prosecuting drug crimes and now vigorously defends them.

That almost sounds too good to be true.  There can’t be many people who fit that scenario.  In Akron, Ohio, there is a lawyer who actually represented the prosecution on hundreds of major drug cases.  He knows the minds of the prosecutors because he has been one!  Let us introduce you to him.

His name is Jon Sinn.  Today Attorney Sinn is in private practice as a defender of people accused of drug crimes in Northeast Ohio.  It’s hard to surmise that you could do any better than someone who knows the points and the counter-points.  The only sin is not calling Jon.  Call Jon Sinn today at (303) 431-0160.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chapter Programs at Golf Courses

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"The First Tee uses golf to teach youth life lessons and leadership skills. Sessions include a fun, group setting for youth ages 7 to 18 regardless of background or previous experience. Teaming up with experts in positive youth development, The First Tee helps youth become good golfers and even better people."

Definition of Assault and Battery.

Assault is defined as any reasonable threat to a person while battery is defined as the use of force against another person with the primary intent of causing physical harm.  An assault charge may come from someone “feeling” threatened by one’s actions.  When battery is the charge then there has been actual bodily harm inflicted.

Here are the elements of battery –

1.  A volitional or voluntary act of violence against another.
2.  Done with purposeful intent of causing harmful or offensive contact to another.
3.  An example would be throwing a rock at someone that actually hits them.

Both assault and battery are criminal offenses.  That is the important point here.  It may be treated as a misdemeanor or as a felony depending on the severity of the situation.  If you are charged with one of these crimes immediately call Jon Sinn.  He is Akron’s assault and battery defense attorney.  The only sin is not calling Jon at (303) 431-0160.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Memorial Day, Cleveland 2017

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"However we choose to celebrate Memorial Day in Cleveland Ohio, we do so by honoring those who have lost their lives for our great freedoms. Some things to do on Memorial Day 2017 Cleveland include camping, fishing and golfing. Want to do something at night in Cleveland for Memorial Day 2017? Check out the Cleveland Nightlife Guide or the Cleveland Restaurants Guide."


These are three acronyms with which we don’t want to be faced.  In the State of Ohio you should at least be familiar with them.  When it gets right down to it we are saying the same thing when describing these three driving offenses.  It means someone has been arrested for operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Here are some of the extenuating circumstances with which you need to be aware –

1.  You may have difficulty keeping your current employment.
2.  This goes hand-in-hand with #1, but you may find it very difficult to get another job.
3.  Maintaining your license to drive a “company vehicle” may become challenging.
4.  Possible denial of immigration proceedings…a hot button issue these days.

While you do not need to understand the specific nuances of these acronyms you DO need to hire someone who can defend you if you have been arrested.  The answer in Northeast Ohio is always Akron OVI, DWI, AND DUI defense attorney Jon Sinn.  Remember…the only sin is NOT calling Jon at (330) 431-0160.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day Tea Tickets!

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"Give Mom the most unique Mother's Day experience in Akron by joining us at the Akron Art Museum's Mother's Day Tea."