Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2017 Grecian Festival

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August 17-19, 2017 at the Canton Civic Center

Grecian Festival Hours:

Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday 11am-10pm
Saturday 3pm-10pm

What is Your Capacity?

Have you ever seriously considered what it takes to be over the legal limit of alcohol?  We may know when we have “had too many”, but is it possible to stop at or near the brink?  It might be, but so many factors figure into that.  For instance, a man of approximately 160 pounds SHOULD be able to consume three beers in an hour and barely be under the legal limit.

Now the factors…body weight, gender, tolerance, the type of alcohol that you consume.  Three shots may not equal three beers and you need to be acutely aware of that before you put the keys in the ignition.  Here is another little tidbit.  You may blow a 0.05 and be under the limit, but if you are driving carelessly you will still get pulled over and ticketed!

Suffice to say, we are not all saints in Northeast Ohio.  The day may come when you need aggressive representation in court for a drunk or careless driving charge.  If that day comes you should call Attorney Jon Sinn.  He is Akron’s DUI and careless driving defense attorney.  The only sin would be not calling Jon.  Jon Sinn at (330) 431-0160.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Don't Miss Bruno Mars in Pittsburgh

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August 22, 2017
 Tuesday   8:00 PM

PPG Paints Arena (Formerly CONSOL Energy Center)

Turn up the Heat…Turn up the Anger.

No question about it…the summer heat can make tempers heat up as well.  Sometimes it results in the accusation of domestic violence against another.  This is a crime that may either be a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the circumstances.  Also, any prior convictions play a major role in that decision.

In the state of Ohio, the crime of domestic violence involves violence or threatened violence against a family or household member. Someone commits domestic violence when he or she knowingly or even accidentally inflicts bodily harm on another.  Even the threat of said, could result in a charge if someone feels they are in danger.

This crime has many gray areas.  It often boils down to “he said she said”.  To defend yourself against such a charge you need an attorney that has defended these cases in the Buckeye State for decades.  Just such a man is Jon Sinn.  He is the right person to call to fight against a charge of domestic violence in the Akron area.  The only sin is NOT calling Jon at (330) 431-0160.