Monday, April 16, 2018

The Difference Between Assault and Battery.

Yin and Yang, six of one-half dozen of the other, some terms are interchangeable.  That is NOT the case with assault and battery even though we seem to use the two words together.  In the state of Ohio those two terms MAY be used in concert, but they are quite different in meaning and consequence!

A person commits the crime of assault if they intentionally threaten the “victim” by word or act.  For example, if you stand in front of another person and take a swing, but miss, it can constitute an assault.  Battery, in its simplest form, occurs when a person actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against that person’s will.

As you can probably tell, a charge of battery carries a much bigger potential penalty.  Both must be dealt with by seeking strong representation.  In Northeast Ohio that is assault and battery lawyer Jon Sinn.  Don’t discover that the only sin you have committed is not calling Jon.  Attorney Jon Sinn serving the Akron area and beyond at (330) 431-0160.

Close Up On The Effects of Childhood Trauma On The Family

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"Summit County Child And Family Awareness Month Close-Up Commmittee is proud to partner with Summa Health to host a professional symposium featuring renowned physician and researcher Dr. Vincent J. Felitti."

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Drug Charges with Real Prison Sentences.

Because marijuana is starting to become more tolerated around the nation (not according to Ohio laws, by the way) we may start thinking that all drug use, possession, and distribution will soon follow.  That is very simply NOT the truth, and probably never will be!  There are still harsh consequences for those involved with “harder” drugs.

Take the possession of cocaine, for example.  This is a serious felony drug offense in Ohio that can be punishable by years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.  Being charged with cocaine possession may not only disrupt your life with a potentially lengthy prison sentence, but the financial devastation of trying to figure out how to pay hefty fines.

This is as serious as it gets, and you need to address it as such!  By contacting Northeast Ohio cocaine possession defense attorney Jon Sinn you are doing exactly that.  Do not take a charge of this magnitude lying down.  The only sin you may have committed is NOT calling Jon.  He is Akron drug defense lawyer Jon Sinn at (330) 431-0160.