Monday, December 18, 2017

Have a Safe and Secure Holiday Season.

Your friends and families who comprise the Jon Sinn criminal defense law firm of Northeast Ohio hope that we will be the furthest thing from your minds this time of year.  Just as we are doing, the hope here is that you will be gathering together with family and friends throughout the Akron area and beyond.

Remember, the winter highway conditions can change rapidly this time of year, so please drive safely wherever you may be heading.  As we anticipate the year 2018 we hope that this will be the most prosperous year of your life.  Stay out of harm’s way, but know that Jon Sinn and his associates will be there for you if you need us.

A staggering number of Americans are falsely accused of crimes each year.  If you or a loved one are involved in a criminal charge in 2018 please call us immediately!  Often times, the only sin is NOT calling Jon.  I am the Akron criminal defense attorney who is ready to fight for you!  Please visit whenever you need more details.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Celebrating the Holiday Season in Akron

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"Christmas in Akron is full of lights, snow, and special events. Read about the best of these, including the Holiday Festival at Lock 3 Park, the "Nutcracker," and the annual First Night Akron celebration."

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Selling the ‘Stuff is Very Serious.

Many people in this country use recreational drugs.  That is simply a fact of life whether you are one of them or not.  By the way, you are not a pariah if you are!  There is a huge leap between user and seller.  You know that ahead of time.  That still does not mean that generally good people could get caught up in the maelstrom.

Getting caught up in the drug game can be as simple as running out of options and needing to have a roof over your head or feeding your family.  We are not moralizing here…we are talking about the reality of life for some people in America.  Make no mistake about it, Ohio has been in the middle of many of those situations.

There is an attorney in Northeast Ohio who understands that selling a drug and getting arrested does NOT make you a horrible person!  Attorney Jon Sinn has been on both sides of this issue.  At one time, he helped prosecute accused drug dealers…now he vigorously defends Akron Ohio alleged drug dealers.  The only sin is NOT calling Jon.  Attorney Jon Sinn at (330) 431-0160.


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"What are you wishing for this year?  Put your list together and come visit Santa and his friends at the Lake Ridge Academy Santa House!  The Santa House is located in the East Park, between Cheesecake Factory and Vieng’s Asian Bistro."