Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ohio Weed Attorney.

Sorry, this is not Washington or Colorado.  Someday sooner or later the recreational use and purchase of marijuana will be legal in the state of Ohio.  Don’t take it for granted just yet.  It may seem minor, but don’t tell that to the court system in the Buckeye state!  It is hard to believe, but the recreational use of weed is treated the same way as hard drugs.

When your driver’s license or perhaps a student loan is at stake you better believe this is no laughing matter.  Isn’t it amazing that something that probably will soon be perfectly legal is treated so harshly?  As the law stands in 2016 you should A.) watch what you are doing and, B.) expect dire consequences if you screw up.

If things happen that cause you to be busted for recreational marijuana use you need aggressive representation.  Attorney Jon Sinn is a member of the National Association for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  He is a northeast Ohio weed defense attorney who fights for your rights when you get busted.  The only sin here is not calling Jon.  Jon Sinn at (330) 431-0160.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Choosing the Right Criminal Attorney.

What are you looking for in a Northeast Ohio criminal attorney?  Well, it would certainly be nice to know that he has had over two decades of success in defending the accused of our area.  The next thing you might ask is how satisfied are his previous clients?  If that prospective attorney whom you wish to go to battle for you has a PERFECT client satisfaction rating that would be comforting to say the least.

When we say a perfect rating we don’t mean by some organization of which you have never heard.  We are talking about perfection as rated by AVVO (look it up if you don’t know them) and The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.  When you find out that he used to be a senior prosecutor then you know you have chosen someone who knows both sides of the equation.

If all of that sounds too good to be true - trust me, it isn’t.  The attorney who has represented the accused for over twenty years in Akron, Barberton, Bedford, Canton, Cuyahoga Falls, and throughout Northeast Ohio is Jon Sinn.  Attorney Sinn is your best choice for criminal defense in this area.  The only sin is NOT calling Jon.  If you are facing a criminal charge pick up the phone and call (330) 431-0160.