Thursday, September 14, 2023

DUI Defense in Ohio.

Every state has a harsh penalty for DUI (Driving Under the Influence). The Buckeye State is no exception! When you or a loved one is arrested on a DUI charge, it is essential to get strong representation immediately. That makes it imperative for you to call Akron DUI defense lawyer Jon Sinn.

Attorney Sinn will look at the facts of the case and begin to prepare your defense right away. To begin with, there will be a mandatory driver license suspension of at least one year upon conviction as well as a possible driver’s license suspension of up to three years. Talk about a life-changing event!

Having Ohio defense attorney Jon Sinn on your side might be the difference between your family’s disgrace and absolution. You won’t know until you call (330) 431-0160, anytime - day or night.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Drug Trafficking Attorney in Akron.

Akron lawyer, Jon Sinn, is here to help you with drug trafficking laws in The Buckeye state. Attorney Sinn is a drug possession defense lawyer with the experience needed to represent your case. 

Possession with the intent to distribute drugs is a serious criminal offense in Ohio. As the term implies It usually involves a large amount of a controlled substance that someone might want to have for their personal use.

If you or a loved one is being held on drug possession charges, contact drug possession attorney Jon Sinn as soon as possible! Make Attorney Sinn your first line of defense. Please call him any time at this phone number (330) 431-0160.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wrap Up Summer 2023 on a High Note!

Labor Day is around the corner. Don't let the last long weekend of summer pass you by without marking the occasion. Whether you're looking for something to do near you or are ready for a road trip, we have plenty of ideas for you to consider. Visit and end summer on a high note!


Tuesday, August 1, 2023

How Quickly Will Prosecutors Begin Preparing a Case?

If you or a loved one is arrested for a criminal act, how long before prosecuting attorneys begin to prepare a case against you? Try 48 hours! That is not an uncommon amount of time for when they begin the process of trying to convict you. Primarily, it’s because you are afforded the right to a speedy trial.

Jon Sinn, a 23-year + criminal defense lawyer out of Akron, needs to be called right away. Attorney Sinn knows this because he once worked for the other side. Therefore, he knows what strategies the opposition will take to prepare for the case against you. Trust Jon Sinn to know his way around a court room.

So when should you call Northeast Ohio criminal defense attorney Jon Sinn? The answer is always…right away. Jon Sinn will begin preparing a case in your favor immediately. Call attorney Jon Sinn at (330) 431-0160. Visit for more information on the legal services offered.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Assault, Battery, and Aggravated Assault.

This is a complicated group of charges and being arrested for any of these can (and will) alter your family’s life forever. Once you or a loved one is in custody in the Buckeye State, you are entitled to a preliminary hearing within the court’s ten days. Akron Ohio criminal defense attorney Jon Sinn knows that is the time to “step up the game”!

This is why it must be done aggressively. Almost immediately after the arraignment, the prosecutor in the case will begin sending some of the police reports, lab details, and copies of evidence items regarding your particular case to the appropriate office. At this point, defense lawyer for Northeast Ohio, Jon Sinn knows the proper response.

Akron based criminal defense attorney Jon Sinn has been dealing with assault and battery charges in Ohio since the beginning of the century. He used to work for the prosecution, so he knows what the other side will do. If you want aggressive representation, call defense lawyer Jon Sinn at this phone number (330) 431-0160. You will see the “big” picture at

Monday, July 3, 2023

What is a Plea Bargain?

You hear about it all of the time. A person pleads guilty to a lessor charge and, as a result, gets a lighter sentence on that charge. It is done a lot in the Ohio halls of justice. Keep in mind, not every prosecutor allows a plea bargain to be entered…it’s not automatic. You need someone who has experience as a prosecutor, such as Akron Ohio criminal defense attorney Jon Sinn.

Did you know that statistically, more than 90% of all successfully prosecuted cases end with a plea bargain? This might be the correct tact to take for you or a loved one. However, if you have the wrong defense lawyer a plea bargain may not go the way you wish. Jon Sinn may well be the right lawyer to help you with a plea bargain.

Criminal defense attorney Jon Sinn of northeast Ohio has worked on both sides of the aisle. Years ago he was a prosecuting attorney. Now Jon Sinn fights for YOU as a defense lawyer in and around the Akron area! If you or a loved one has been arrested on a criminal charge in Ohio, contact Jon Sinn at (330) 431-0160. See his impressive story at

Monday, June 12, 2023

What to do if the Police Raid Your Home.

The first question is…do the police need a warrant to search your home? This question is a bit murky, and will vary depending on your specific circumstances. Please know this, the police do not necessarily need a warrant to search your home. Akron based criminal defense attorney, Jon Sinn, is here to help you sort it all out.

Here is something to put in your memory bank… a warrant usually gives the police the power to enter your property, but only for a single search. After an initial entry by authorities, any subsequent visits by the cops require the prior written authority of an officer of the rank of Inspector. Even then, they must be involved in the investigation.

The right to search your private property is just one reason why you need Ohio criminal defense lawyer Jon Sinn on your side! There may be many others, but to discover all of the ways that Attorney Sinn may help, please visit As soon as you can, call this phone number…(330) 431-0160.